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Here you can find some projects I worked on in the last years.

WordsFromText 2014 – ...

Freemium internet service, which helps Russian-speaking users to read English texts by translating unknown words into Russian.

Role: Founder, UI designer, Developer.

RuTrail 2017 – ...

Marked hiking trails in Russia.

Role: Lead Developer, UI designer.

Metaversity 2013 – 2018

Internet service. Mostly concentrated on evaluation of competences. Also provides a recommendation system for navigating students through events. Used by Russian universities and educational communities.

Role: Lead PHP Developer, Author of mathematical models, UI designer.


The official website of The Espresso Room (one of the best coffee shops in London). Small but nice project.

Role: Designer, PHP Developer.

Eurogates 2012 – 2014

Web site about higher education in Holland.

Role: Designer, Frontend developer, Manager for backend developers (Python).

Devyourself 2010 – 2013

Web service, which integrates all activities for education through offline role-playing games: extensive functionality for communication of groups, competence evaluation, recommendation systems, API for external software integration. Used by Russian universities and educational communities.

Role: Lead PHP developer, UI designer (partially).


Analysis of questionnaires filled in by OpUS students. Detecting trends between semesters, comparing groups, finding characteristics of groups, building reports. A tool for analyzing text responses was invented and implemented.

Role: Data researcher, PHP Developer.


Data analysis tools for comparing student groups, finding specialities of groups, estimating and improving quality of competence sets, etc.

Role: Author of mathematical models, Developer (PHP, Wolfram Mathematica).

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Phone (UK): +44 7472 802048

Phone (Russia): +7 926 268-68-74

Skype: dmitry.kopytine